Creative Re-Purposing from the Wine Industry

When I think of the wine industry, I don’t think of flooring and tile but, over the past couple of years, I have kept an eye on a few products that have made me do just that.

Mondavi Home Collection

Mondavi Home Collection

In 2014, Robert Mondavi, Jr (yes, that’s the grandson of the infamous Robert Mondavi) partnered with Authentic Pine Floors to create a wood floor collection. One segment of the collection called Reserve Barrel  is fabricated from decommissioned Mondavi wine barrels!  The oak barrels, stained from the aging of California cabernets and chardonnays, produce floor boards that range in color from a light gold to a deep purple. Like the Michael Mondavi Family Estate wines they produce, the oak flooring is rich and wonderful. Their character can certainly be used to create a warm, casual, unique and creative basis for a lovely room.

Habitus Cork Mosaic Penny Tile - Natural and Spice

Habitus Cork Mosaic Penny Tile – Natural and Spice

Oak barrels are not the only by-product of the wine industry being creatively recycled. The cork manufacturing waste is being repurposed as well. Habitus Finishes LLC is putting the waste from the Spanish and Portuguese wine cork industry to good use with their Habitus Collection Cork Mosaic “Penny” Tiles – round pieces of cork set on backer mesh to be installed as cork back splashes and flooring just like any conventional tile product. I have seen several companies offer a similar product over the years, but Habitus’ twist is to add color to the cork tile mosaics so you are no longer limited to shades of brown.

Add counter tops made from recycled glass and light fixtures hand crafted from old wine bottles and the recycled, wine-themed room design starts to come together. With some creative flair and a discerning eye to pull it all together, these products could be combined to make a lovely wine cellar or even a colorful studio in which there would be no fear of the occasional spill. Now to find the client who wants to get creative and give it a whirl….



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