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Standing in a checkout line the other day, I was chatting with a lady who was recounting her latest internet ordering tale of woe. She had purchased a couple of pair of cute shoes for a great price but when they arrived she found out that she missed the fact that they had 5″ heels. She found them horribly uncomfortable (imagine that) so she said she would likely endure wearing them once or twice and then give them away to charity. I’m still not sure the recipient of those shoes wouldn’t be happier just going barefoot!

Individual Bottles by TMSCTD

Similarly, a friend and fellow appreciator of good wine did a little bit of internet shopping a while back. He too found a great product at a great price; his was a case of Keller Estates 2009 La Cruz Vineyard Pinot Noir – a fine vintage. When the case arrived though, he found out that he had purchased a case of splits or 375ml half bottles. All of a sudden, the deal wasn’t quite as good as he had thought.

Both our friend and the lady who ordered the shoes had fallen victim to not catching all the details of what they were purchasing online. In the case of the shoes, I can’t figure out how she couldn’t tell from the picture that the heels were high, but in the case of our friend, I can easily see how a 375ml bottle and a 750ml bottle of wine look the same in an internet photo.

I know that is something we really struggle with on our Etsy shop, too. How do you show the relative size of our products in a photo? Sometimes we include a cooperative cat with a cat bowl or put some food on a plate to convey that detail but, most of the time, that ‘staging’ would take away from the customer’s ability to actually see the product so we forego it and just post the image and hope for the best….just like the wine retailer did.

We got together with our friend a few weekends ago for an ‘end-of-summer’ grilling party. Rather than bring by a bottle of wine, he brought three of his ‘internet splits’. I have to say, it was a great idea! Nobody had to concern themselves with figuring out how to pour the servings equally from one bottle nor did the bottle disappear before everyone got to try the vintage. Since we each had our own bottle, we could pour and partake at our own pace. It was brilliant! I think we may be on to something for the next get together. 😉


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