Customer Cat Tales – The Hurricane Sandy Rescue

One of the things we do here at CatTail Studio Arts when we have the honor of selling a new pet dish to a customer is to ask for the story behind the name and a photo of the happy recipient to add to our blog roll. It is a fun way for us to see our handiwork in use and our customers can have the pleasure of seeing their pet posted on our blog. I can’t tell you how many times we receive a photo or a story and it puts an instant smile on our faces. Through ‘Customer Cat Tales’, we share some of our favorites with you. 

It has been four years now since the deadly and destructive Superstorm Sandy hit the US Atlantic coast in October, 2012. We hear so much bad news over the course of a day, here is a delightful and good tale of rescue to come from that horrible hurricane. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Over the summer, an order came in from a new customer:


Is he sticking his tongue out at us?!

“Good morning, I just found the cat dish with the cat’s name and fish in the middle of the bowl. I would like to purchase two of these dishes. I hope you get a kick out of one of our cats’ names. One is inappropriate but he is rescued from Hurricane Sandy and, long story short, it’s endearing. (haha) Hopefully you won’t mind putting it on the bowl. His name is “Asshole”. (haha) Thank you again!”

I replied back:

“It will be the first time I am writing ‘asshole’ on a piece of my pottery, but I greatly appreciate knowing he’s a rescue so I’ll get over it. Go ahead and share the long story. I would love to hear it. ;-)”

The following is what I heard back:

“Haha. Of course! I come from a family of rescuers. Some of us even belong to an organization called LICKS (Long Island Cat Kitten Solution). They rescue kittens and cats as well as help to rescue and neuter strays that will stay outside.

Right before hurricane Sandy in 2012, my boyfriend and I noticed a family of three kittens in his backyard no bigger than my hand. We knew the hurricane was coming and we wanted to bring them inside at least to keep them safe through the storm. Their mom had been killed so they were alone and scared. We started to feed them in the backyard so that they would trust us and that is when we named them – Mr. Fuzz, Scaredy and Asshole.



Mr. Fuzz was a very hairy Maine coon. The other two, Scaredy and Asshole, looked very similar (small with short hair) but Scaredy was very timid whereas Asshole seemed to be the dominant of the three. That is how he got his name.  We always knew it was him and not his brother Scaredy because he was just that, an asshole!

Separately my boyfriend and I have owned cats our entire lives and are well aware of how funny and lively cats can be, so this was a very endearing name and our special way of telling them apart. We would notice he would punch his brothers to eat their food. He would steal their dishes while they were in the middle of eating and eat all of their food. It was quite comical.



When we brought them inside Scaredy hid, and Mr. Fuzz actually let us pet him. But Asshole not only scaled the walls but scaled the ceilings. I had never seen anything like this before. He trashed the whole room trying to get away from us. Although we felt terrible because he was so scared, it was pretty funny watching him climb across the ceilings.

We never intended for his name to stick because he was a rescue and we planned on taking the three to the shelter as soon as the storm was over. We didn’t have the room for three cats!

When the storm was over, we took them to the shelter and had to lie about Asshole’s name (haha). We thought if we called him that, they will never take him so we called him Bones because he was so skinny. Well, they took Asshole out of his carrier and he bit the woman who worked there and escaped from her grip. They had to shut down the whole shelter to catch him. They did not think this was funny but my boyfriend and I had a good giggle. It was then that we decided that we had to keep the three of them because they would not get comfortable with anyone else. So we took the three cats back home and made it work as a family of five!

It was a tight squeeze but well worth it until we moved out to an apartment. Sadly, we had to put Scaredy to sleep because he had a fractured spine and a broken leg. The veterinarian told us that the spine may have been that way before we even took them inside. We felt so terrible and she assured us that we had given him a good life. His brothers did miss him very much and, as much of a rowdy cat as Asshole was, he took good care of his injured brother.

By now, we are a year in this apartment and Asshole has continued to live up to his name, although he has earned many others at this point too! A few of his escapades…. He constantly wakes us up with his loud meows for no reason. He has dug up the carpet in the bedroom completely so that every time I step in one area I get a sharp nail sticking my toe. He steals Mr. Fuzz’s food everyday and still punches him while he eats. He can’t ever let Fuzz sleep; he likes to run over and swat him randomly. He has put claw marks in all of the curtains. He throws up pretty much every time he eats and never in a convenient spot.

Doing his special pose?! (haha)

Doing his special pose?! (haha)

He sits straight up, legs spread open, with his “asshole” aimed right at us. He knocks over pretty much all of my plants every week, has dug up the dirt and many of the pots, and is a constant nuisance for his chinchilla brother who still enjoys his company. But, we must admit, when all is said and done, he gives us many many laughs and we could not imagine our life without our little asshole. It is the most endearing name for this mischievous young fellow we love so much!”



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I am Theresa - the 'T' in CatTail Studio Arts. My husband, Chuck, is the guy behind the 'C'. Our tales cover our many interests including good food, adventurous travel, cooking, gardening, hiking, cycling, crafting ceramics, beekeeping and occasionally even cat tales!
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2 Responses to Customer Cat Tales – The Hurricane Sandy Rescue

  1. Lisa says:

    My little baby we love him so much! Thank you so much for posting his story on your blog it means so much! Our fur family is so important to us and we couldn’t be happier to have you be a part of it! The boys love their food dishes you made them, they hear them come out of the cabinet and come running for dinner!

    Thank you again so much from our family to yours!
    Lisa, Frank, Asshole, Mr. Fuzz and Chinny the chinchilla 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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