Our Blog Policies

CatTail Tales is a personal blog administered by me, Theresa M Sterbis. My husband and studio partner, Chuck, is an occasional contributor.

We are grateful for our readers and do our best to keep their trust. It is for this reason that we make you aware of the following policies:


We are happy to accept samples (food, drink, books, gadgets, invitations, etc.) for consideration as a topic of a future post. We will try and assess everything received. However, we reserve the right not to write about the sample either because we don’t think it fits the context of this blog or because we can’t give it a positive review. Either way, we will let you know.  All opinions are our own and we prefer to keep our content positive and upbeat. If you would like to send a sample, please contact tsterbis@proj-partners.com.

Full Disclosure

When we have had the pleasure of receiving something complimentary, we will let the reader know via a disclosure. Otherwise, it is safe to assume that we have paid for anything about which we are posting. Either way, we guarantee that all opinions are our own!

Editorial Content

All content on this blog is determined by Theresa M Sterbis or Charles V Sterbis.  In case you haven’t already noticed, all opinions are our own.

Recipes, Photography, Text and Copyrights

All images on this blog are taken by us (unless noted otherwise). Please do not reuse any image without our permission. All text and photos are copyright ‘C&T Sterbis at CatTail Studio Arts by Project Partners Design’ with all rights reserved.

Any recipes published on this site have been created by us, adapted from an existing recipe or followed exactly from another source. When adapting or sharing, we will let you know by referring to the source. If you would like to use any of our content, please extend the same courtesy and give credit where due.

Sharing on Social Media

We love it when you share our images and stories with friends. We just ask that you fully disclose that ‘C&T Sterbis at CatTail Studio Arts by Project Partners Design’ is the source of the share and that you link directly from our site.

Sponsored Posts and Writing for Our Organization

To date, we have never accepted a guest post for use on CatTail Studio Arts as we have found that they often contain some means of advertising.  We do not accept any advertising in the form of banners, pop-ups, or links in the side-bar at this time.

Writing for Your Organization

We would be happy to provide content for your company’s blog if you are industry is relevant to our areas of expertise. Please contact tsterbis@proj-partners.com.

Thank you for your consideration.

~ Theresa & Chuck

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