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In Defense of Vampires

For a couple of months while working for a company that was busy setting up a manufacturing facility in Nogales, Mexico, I studied some business Spanish. I don’t remember much from those classes but to this day when I think … Continue reading

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A Plantable Gift

Alton Brown put forth an idea on his “Good Eats” television show not to allow any ‘uni-taskers’ into your home. Anthony Bourdain espoused the same sentiment about the lowly garlic press in his book, “Kitchen Confidential”. Both times I remember identifying fully with the … Continue reading

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Our Little Olive Experiment

It has been four months since Chuck and I spent an afternoon at Hillcrest Ranch learning how to harvest and brine olives. Since then, our two jars of mission and picholine olives have been sitting in the laundry room closet on a shelf behind … Continue reading

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