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A Plantable Gift

Alton Brown put forth an idea on his “Good Eats” television show not to allow any ‘uni-taskers’ into your home. Anthony Bourdain espoused the same sentiment about the lowly garlic press in his book, “Kitchen Confidential”. Both times I remember identifying fully with the … Continue reading

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Oh So Petaloso

Driving home from a client meeting last week, I heard a delightful story on the radio about an 8-year-old Italian boy who invented a beautiful new word, ‘petaloso’, to mean ‘full of petals’ while completing his school work to describe … Continue reading

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Baby Hummingbirds

With the studio in the middle of our garden, it probably comes as no surprise that I take a lot of inspiration from what is going on in the natural world around us. Right now we are enjoying watching the … Continue reading

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