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A Plantable Gift

Alton Brown put forth an idea on his “Good Eats” television show not to allow any ‘uni-taskers’ into your home. Anthony Bourdain espoused the same sentiment about the lowly garlic press in his book, “Kitchen Confidential”. Both times I remember identifying fully with the … Continue reading

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Cooking on Salt

When presented with something unique and new, we just have to give it a try….and we’ll try anything once. You know. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Such was the case, when a Himalayan Salt Brick showed up under our Christmas tree. … Continue reading

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A Gift From the Shepherds

Tis the season of shepherds and kings and gifts and all so I figured it was the perfect time to share this story. Earlier this year, Chuck gifted me with a box containing a teaspoon of complex micro-organisms comprised of … Continue reading

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